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How To Use MROUND() Function in Google Sheets


Rounds one number to the nearest integer multiple of another.
Common Questions About the MROUND Formula:
• What does the MROUND formula do?
• What are the arguments of the MROUND formula?
• How can the MROUND formula be used in a formula?
• How is the MROUND formula different from the ROUND function?

How Can the MROUND Formula Be Used Appropriately:
• The MROUND formula can be used to round a given number to the nearest multiple of specified value, for example round a number to the nearest tenth or the nearest hundred.
• The MROUND formula can be used to calculate the tax or sales tax on an amount with ease.
• The MROUND formula can be used to round a number up or down during calculations like the total cost of an item after taxes.

How Can the MROUND Formula Be Commonly Mistyped:
• Mistyping the number of arguments – The MROUND formula should have two mandatory arguments, the number to be rounded and the multiple to round the number to.
• Typo with parentheses – The parentheses must be closed properly for the formula to run.

What Are Some Common Ways the MROUND Formula Is Used Inappropriately:
• Using the MROUND formula to round numbers instead of using the ROUND formula – The MROUND formula will always round to a multiple, while the ROUND formula can be used to round to the nearest decimal, such as rounding 3.33 to 3.5.
• Unnecessary nesting of the MROUND formula when another formula can be used – The MROUND formula should not be nested within another formula when the same result can be achieved with a simpler formula.

What Are Some Common Pitfalls When Using the MROUND Formula:
• Forgetting to specify the multiple to round to – The second argument of the MROUND formula must be a number that specifies the multiple to round the given number to.
• Forgetting to add a closing parenthesis – All formulas require parentheses to be properly closed or the formula will not work.

What Are Common Mistakes When Using the MROUND Formula:
• Forgetting to include the whole number – The first argument of the MROUND formula must include the whole number to be rounded, not just the decimal portion of the number.
• Rounding to the wrong multiple – Make sure to check what multiple is specified before the MROUND formula is used, as accidentally specifying a different multiple can lead to inaccurate results.

What Are Common Misconceptions People Might Have With the MROUND Formula:
• Thinking the MROUND formula rounds numbers like the ROUND formula does – The MROUND formula does not round numbers like the ROUND formula does, as it is only used to round to a multiple.
• Thinking the MROUND formula can only be used to round down – The MROUND formula can also be used to round up just the same to the nearest multiple.

How To Actually Use MROUND() in Sheets

MROUND(value, factor)

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