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Returns the most commonly occurring values in a dataset..

How To Use in Sheets

MODE.MULT(value1, value2)

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Google Sheets MODE.MULT Function | How to Use MODE.MULT | Get Multiple Common Values

With the Google Sheets MODE.MULT function, you can get the most common values, which are equal in number, in a range or array. Consider this array: {70,70,70,25,25,50,50,50}. If this array is the attribute for the MODE.MULT function, then it returns 70 and 50, as these two are the equal number of most common values. Say you replace one 50 by 25 in the above array, then the MODE.MULT function returns 70 and 25. You do not have to sort the range or array before you use MODE.MULT. It, however, returns the values sorted in an ascending order. Note that the MODE function returns only the single, most common value in a range or array. In contrast, MODE.MULT returns multiple, most common values.

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