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How To Use MOD() Function in Google Sheets


Returns the result of the modulo operator, the remainder after a division operation.

Common questions about the MOD formula include:
  • What is the syntax for the MOD formula? 
  • What is the proper way to structure this formula? 
  • What is the purpose of using the MOD formula? 

The MOD formula can be used appropriately in a variety of ways, such as to calculate the remainder after a division. It can be used to help break down calendar dates into year, month, and day components or to create a custom date range for formatting and data manipulation.

The MOD formula can be commonly mistyped by forgetting to include any parentheses around the formula. Not including the parentheses can cause errors or incorrect results.

Some common ways the MOD formula is used inappropriately are when including cells that contain text or when supplying a 0 for the divisor, which will cause an error message.

Common pitfalls when using the MOD formula include failing to use the correct syntax, not including cells that contain numbers only, and forgetting to include parentheses.

Common mistakes when using the MOD formula include not entering the formula correctly, providing a divisor of 0, or forgetting to include any parentheses around the formula.

Common misconceptions people might have with the MOD Formula are that it only works for integers and that it can only calculate remainder and can’t be used for other Math calculations such as multiplication or division.

How To Actually Use MOD() in Sheets

MOD(dividend, divisor)

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