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How To Use MINUS() Function in Google Sheets


Returns the difference of two numbers. Equivalent to the `-` operator.

Common Questions About The MINUS Formula
- What is the syntax for the MINUS Formula?
- How do I use the MINUS Formula to subtract values?
- Is the MINUS Formula always the best choice for subtracting values?

How Can the MINUS Formula Be Used Appropriately?
The MINUS Formula should be used to subtract two or more numeric values from one another. It can also be used to subtract a fixed value from a range of values.

How Can The MINUS Formula Be Commonly Mistyped?
The MINUS Formula is commonly mistyped by omitting a minus sign, instead of typing the formula with two minus signs (-). It is also commonly mistaken as the SUM Function. Other common misspellings are MNUS, MINSU, MNIUS.

What Are Some Common Ways The MINUS Formula Is Used Inappropriately?
Using complex formulas, such as with the IF, AND, or OR functions with the MINUS Formula and subtracting textual or non-numeric values.

What Are Some Common Pitfalls When Using The MINUS Formula?
Ensuring the range of cells are referenced accurately in the formula, as incorrect references can lead to incorrect calculations and results.

What Are Common Mistakes When Using The MINUS Formula?
Not using parentheses correctly in the formula, which results in incorrect calculations. Not double-checking the formula for syntax and accuracy.

What Are Common Misconceptions People Might Have With The MINUS Formula?
The MINUS Formula is commonly confused with the SUM Function, thinking they are the same. The MINUS Formula is also thought to be interchangeable with the SUBTRACT Function, which it is not. It is also thought to not support multiple ranges in a single formula, when it actually can do so.

How To Actually Use MINUS() in Sheets

MINUS(value1, value2)

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