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How To Use LOG() Function in Google Sheets


Returns the the logarithm of a number given a base.

Common Questions
1. What is the LOG formula in Google Sheets?
2. How do I use the LOG formula?
3. What are the arguments for the LOG formula?

How to Use Appropriately
1. Be sure to consider the argument order for the LOG formula.
2. Make sure to use the right base for the formula, usually 10.
3. Understand that LOG is the same as ln, just with a different base.

Common Mistypes
1. Not specifying the base of the log formula, especially when using ln rather than LOG.
2. Mistyping 'logarithm' instead of log.
3. Writing "LOG" instead of "ln" for the natural logarithm.

Common Misuses
1. Not specifying the right base for the log formula.
2. Not realising the relationship between LOG and ln.
3. Trying to take the log of a negative number or zero.

Common Pitfalls
1. Not including all of the necessary arguments for the LOG formula.
2. Submitting the arguments in the wrong order.
3. Not entering the data into the log formula correctly.

Common Mistakes
1. Forgetting to specify the base of the log formula, whether 10 or another value.
2. Not understanding the relationship between LOG and LN.
3. Trying to take the log of a negative number or of zero.

Common Misconceptions
1. That the LOG formula is the same as the LN formula.
2. That the LOG formula can take a negative number as a value.
3. That the LOG formula has a fixed base, when it can be customized for different bases.

How To Actually Use LOG() in Sheets

LOG(value, base)

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