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How To Use LN() Function in Google Sheets


Returns the the logarithm of a number, base e (Euler's number).

Common Questions About the LN Formula:
1. What is the LN Formula?
2. What do the symbols “LN” stand for?
3. What does the LN formula do?
4. What data can be used as input to the LN formula?

How Can the LN Formula Be Used Appropriately?
The LN formula can be used for calculating the natural logarithm of a number. The formula is used for calculating exponential growth or decay in mathematical equations (such as population growth or economic data). It can also be used for calculating the probability of an event occurring when dealing with certain statistics.

How Can the LN Formula Be Commonly Mistyped?
The LN formula can be commonly mistyped as simply “ln” rather than “LN”, or can accidentally be typed with one of the characters in the wrong place. For example, “Ln” or “LlN”.

What Are Some Common Ways the LN Formula is Used Inappropriately?
The LN formula should not be used to calculate absolute values - it can only be used to calculate natural logarithms. Additionally, it should not be used to calculate logarithms of numbers greater than zero, as this will result in an error.

What Are Some Common Pitfalls When Using the LN Formula?
When using the LN formula, the argument being given to the formula must be greater than 0 - complex numbers and negative numbers have undefined logarithms. Additionally, the LN formula is difficult to use with fractions and integers due to the limitation of the precision of Google Sheets.

What Are Common Mistakes When Using the LN Formula?
Common mistakes when using the LN formula include not including the parenthesis around the argument, misusing the number of arguments (e.g. should only be one argument), forgetting the LN portion of the formula, mistyping the argument, or using the wrong type of argument.

What Are Common Misconceptions People Might Have With the LN Formula?
The most common misconception people have with the LN formula is that it is used to calculate logarithms in general. However, this is not the case - the LN formula is specifically used to calculate natural logarithms. Additionally, some people might misidentify the argument of the function - the argument should specifically be a number greater than zero, which can include a calculation with other functions such as exponents.

How To Actually Use LN() in Sheets


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