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How To Use ISO.CEILING() Function in Google Sheets



Common Questions about the ISO.CEILING Formula:
1. What is the purpose of the ISO.CEILING formula?
2. How do I calculate the ISO.CEILING formula correctly?
3. What are the formula’s parameters?

Using the ISO.CEILING Formula Appropriately:
1. Make sure to read the documentation and understand the parameters and syntax of the formula before applying it.
2. Input the value that you want to round in the first argument of the formula.
3. Use the second argument to determine the level the result should be rounded to (e.g., 100, 1000).
4. Consider using the ROUNDUP function to round the result further, if required.

Common Ways the ISO.CEILING Formula is Misted Typed:
1. Typing Iso.ceiling instead of ISO.CEILING.
2. Omitting the arguments (or entering too few).
3. Incorrectly entering the value to be rounded.
4. Other common misspellings are ISO.CIELING, ISO.CEILLING, ISO.CEILNG.

Common Ways the ISO.CEILING Formula is Used Inappropriately:
1. Using the formula to round a value up to a specific number rather than to a multiple of a specific number.
2. Trying to use the formula without first understanding the parameters and syntax.
3. Using the formula incorrectly in terms of the arguments given.

Common Pitfalls When Using the ISO.CEILING Formula:
1. Not accounting for decimal places.
2. Not using the optional third argument of the formula to account for different rounding directions.
3. Not understanding the purpose of the formula correctly.

Common Mistakes When Using the ISO.CEILING Formula:
1. Not knowing how to use the optional third argument in the formula.
2. Relying on the default rounding direction of the formula without considering alternative rounding directions.
3. Incorrectly assuming that the ISO.CEILING formula automatically accounts for decimal places in the calculation.

Common Misconceptions People Might Have With the ISO.CEILING Formula:
1. Assuming that the formula rounds to the nearest multiple of the chosen value instead of to the next multiple greater than or equal to the chosen value.
2. Believing that the formula can calculate multiple values at once, when in reality it can only calculate one value at a time.
3. Thinking that the formula can be used to round any type of value—in reality, it can only be used to round numeric values.

How To Actually Use ISO.CEILING() in Sheets

ISO.CEILING(number, [significance])

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