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How To Use ISNONTEXT() Function in Google Sheets


Checks whether a value is non-textual.
Common Questions about the ISNONTEXT Formula
1. What does the ISNONTEXT formula do?
2. How is the ISNONTEXT formula different from other Google Sheets formulas?
3. What are the arguments required for the ISNONTEXT formula?

How can the ISNONTEXT Formula be used Appropriately?
1. The ISNONTEXT formula can be used to determine whether the value of a cell is a text value (this excludes numbers, dates, and formulas).
2. The ISNONTEXT formula can also be used to evaluate if a cell has any characters within it.
3. The ISNONTEXT formula can be used in data validation to input only text values in a given range of cells.

How can the ISNONTEXT Formula be Commonly Mistyped?
1. Pasting the wrong formula, such as ISNERTEXT instead of ISNONTEXT, can result in inaccurate results or errors.
2. Forgetting to separate arguments in the formula can cause a syntax error.
3. Leaving spaces inside or outside of quotes can also lead to syntax errors.

What are Some Common Ways the ISNONTEXT Formula is Used Inappropriately?
1. Using the formula to evaluate whether a cell contains a numeric value or not.
2. Passing a range of cells into the formula rather than a single cell.
3. Using the formula to return a text value from a cell, instead of a Boolean value.

What are Some Common Pitfalls When Using the ISNONTEXT Formula?
1. Failing to account for situations when the cell you are evaluating is empty.
2. Not using the formula in combination with other functions to build more complex logic.
3. Not familiarizing yourself with the syntax of the formula, including the type of arguments it requires.

What are Common Mistakes When Using the ISNONTEXT Formula?
1. Not providing the necessary arguments for the formula, resulting in an error.
2. Overlooking typos or incorrect argument data types.
3. Forgetting to nest the formula within an IF statement.

What are Common Misconceptions People Might Have with the ISNONTEXT Formula?
1. That the ISNONTEXT formula will evaluate any cell, including formulas and numbers.
2. That the ISNONTEXT formula can return a text value from a cell.
3. That the ISNONTEXT formula can be used to automatically change the data type of a cell.

How To Actually Use ISNONTEXT() in Sheets


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