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How To Use IMSIN() Function in Google Sheets


Returns the sine of the given complex number.

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The IMSIN formula can be used to format International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) numbers. Appropriate usage includes entering the IMSIN formula into a cell in Google Sheets to convert a 15 digit IMSI number into its their 5-4-5 groupings.

The IMSIN formula can be commonly mistyped by forgetting the closing parentheses or entering IMSIN as IMSIN() instead of IMISIN.

Some common ways the IMSIN formula is used inappropriately include using the formula to decode an IMSI number, using the formula to generate an IMSI number, and using the formula to convert a 12 digit IMSI number.

Common pitfalls when using the IMSIN formula include not understanding that the result is text and not a number, not understanding that the formula will only format the IMSI number and not convert it, and not understanding that the formula only takes a 15-digit IMSI number as an argument.

Common mistakes when using the IMSIN Formula include using it to generate an IMSI number, adding extra spaces to the formula, and forgetting to surround the arguments with double quotes.

Common misconceptions people might have with the IMSIN Formula include believing that the formula will convert an IMSI number into a different format, believing that the formula will generate an IMSI number, and believing that the formula can take a 12-digit IMSI number as an argument.

How To Actually Use IMSIN() in Sheets

IMSIN (number)

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