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How To Use IMCOS() Function in Google Sheets


The IMCOS function returns the cosine of the given complex number.

Common questions about the IMCOS formula:
- What does the IMCOS formula do?
- What is the IMCOS formula?
- How do you use the IMCOS formula in Google Sheets?

How can the IMCOS formula be used appropriately:
The IMCOS formula in Google Sheets is most commonly used in a financial context, as it can calculate internal rate of return (IRR) for a particular investment. To use the IMCOS formula, input the required values into the function. This should include a period of time (in excel days or fractions of the year, usually quarters or months); the cash flow associated with that period (which can be negative or positive for investment purposes); and the guess (an estimated internal rate of return).

How can the IMCOS formula be commonly mistyped:
The IMCOS formula can easily be mistyped if the values are not in the correct syntax. The arguments should be listed in a new line and enclosed in parentheses. Additionally, the periods should be enclosed in quotation marks if they are not a reference to a range on the spreadsheet.

What are some common ways the IMCOS formula is used inappropriately:
The IMCOS formula is often misused when evaluating investments. The formula should not be used to calculate return on investments when comparing different time spans, as the rate of return can be skewed. Additionally, if the required argument of “guess” is not supplied, the internal rate of return may be quite different from what is expected.

What are some common pitfalls when using the IMCOS formula:
The IMCOS formula is often used incorrectly when evaluating short-term investments. When using the IMCOS formula, the cash flow should always be entered in chronological order and this could be an issue with short-term investments. Additionally, it is important to factor in inflation, taxes, and other factors so that the internal rate of return is calculated correctly.

What are common mistakes when using the IMCOS Formula?
Common mistakes with the IMCOS Formula include incorrect input of the cash flow values, not including the “guess” argument, and not factoring in inflation and taxes when evaluating long-term investments. Additionally, not inputting the correct period type, either fractions of a year or Excel days, can also lead to incorrect calculations.

What are common misconceptions people might have with the IMCOS Formula?
Common misconceptions people might have with the IMCOS Formula is that it is used to calculate return on investment. The IMCOS formula should not be used to calculate ROI, as it should only be used to calculate internal rate of return. Additionally, people may think that the formula can be used to compare investments of different time spans, which is incorrect.

How To Actually Use IMCOS() in Sheets


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