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How To Use HYPGEOMDIST() Function in Google Sheets


Calculates the probability of drawing a certain number of successes in a certain number of tries given a population of a certain size containing a certain number of successes, without replacement of draws.

Common questions about the HYPGEOMDIST Formula:
• What does the HYPGEOMDIST Formula do?
• How do I use the HYPGEOMDIST Formula?
• What parameters must be entered into the formula?

How can the HYPGEOMDIST Formula be used appropriately?:
• The HYPGEOMDIST Formula can be used to calculate the probability of a given number of successes in a sample size given a set of population parameters.
• It calculates the probability of seeing k successes in n trials when p is the probability for success and N is the population size.

How can the HYPGEOMDIST Formula be commonly mistyped?:
• Incorrect usage of the upper case/lower case letters when typing in the formula.
• Omitting the comma between the parameters.
• Careless typos.

What are some common ways the HYPGEOMDIST Formula is used inappropriately?:
• Using the HYPGEOMDIST Formula to calculate the probability of only one success/failure in a single trial.
• Not including all necessary parameters when entering the formula.
• Failing to form the sample size correctly before using the formula.
• Assuming the HYPGEOMDIST Formula is identical to POISSON or BINOMDIST.

What are some common pitfalls when using the HYPGEOMDIST Formula?:
• Not entering the correct parameters for the formula.
• Not accounting for all the possible outcomes when forming the sample size.
• Not understanding when to use the HYPGEOMDIST formula instead of other related formulas like BINOMDIST or POISSON.

What are common mistakes when using the HYPGEOMDIST Formula?:
• Not using the HYPGEOMDIST Formula in situations where it is necessary.
• Overgeneralizing the HYPGEOMDIST Formula to apply to all scenarios.
• Not adjusting the formula parameters when necessary.

What are common misconceptions people might have with the HYPGEOMDIST Formula?:
• Thinking the HYPGEOMDIST Formula is identical to the POISSON formula. 
• Thinking the HYPGEOMDIST Formula is only used for binary outcomes. 
• Assuming the HYPGEOMDIST Formula can only be used for discrete probability calculations.

How To Actually Use HYPGEOMDIST() in Sheets

HYPGEOMDIST(num_successes, num_draws, successes_in_pop, pop_size)

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