Common questions about the GAMMADIST formula include:
- What are the parameters of the GAMMADIST formula?
- What is the function of the GAMMADIST formula?

The GAMMADIST formula can be used appropriately in calculations of probability density, cumulative probability, and inverse cumulative probability.

The GAMMADIST formula can be commonly mistyped by using an incorrect order for parameters, or by using different parameters that are not required for the equation.

Common ways that the GAMMADIST formula is used inappropriately include providing an inappropriate mean or standard deviation, or the formula being used without understanding the parameters of the equation.

Common pitfalls when using the GAMMADIST formula include forgetting to convert data to the appropriate units, to enter the parameters in the correct order, and to know the values of parameters being used.

Common mistakes when using the GAMMADIST Formula include entering incorrect parameters, entering incorrect formulas, omitting parameters, and misreading output.

Common misconceptions people might have with the GAMMADIST Formula include thinking that the formula is used to calculate the average of sample data, or that the result of the formula is the standard deviation of a dataset.

How To Actually Use GAMMADIST() in Sheets

GAMMADIST(x, alpha, beta, cumulative)

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