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How To Use FLOOR.MATH() Function in Google Sheets


Rounds a number down to the nearest integer multiple of specified significance, with negative numbers rounding toward or away from 0 depending on the mode.
Common questions about the FLOOR.MATH formula include: 
  • what the function does
  • what options are available
  • what inputs are needed

The FLOOR.MATH formula can be used appropriately to round a number to the nearest integer (whole number). This can be helpful in sorting out or calculating the amounts of certain items.

People commonly mistype the function as “FLOOR.Math” or “FLOOR.math”, instead of “FLOOR.MATH”.

Some common ways the FLOOR.MATH formula is used inappropriately include using the formula in cases where other formulas are better suited for the task, or using it incorrectly on data that should not be rounded.

Some common pitfalls when using the FLOOR.MATH formula are overlooking the impact the function has on the data by not properly understanding the data type a certain figure represents, or the consequences of rounding.

Common mistakes when using the FLOOR.MATH formula involve misusing the function by not providing the proper number of arguments, or mistyping the function name or any of the arguments.

Common misconceptions people might have with the FLOOR.MATH formula is that it always rounds up, instead of to the nearest integer.

How To Actually Use FLOOR.MATH() in Sheets

FLOOR.MATH(number, [significance], [mode])

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