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How To Use DVAR() Function in Google Sheets


Returns the variance of a population sample selected from a database table-like array or range using a SQL-like query.

Common questions about the DVAR formula include: How is the DVAR formula different from other spreadsheet formulas? How does the DVAR formula work? What is the best way to effectively use the DVAR formula?

The DVAR formula should be used to calculate average values of a data set, making it an ideal tool for forecasting the future based on current patterns. It is important to remember that the DVAR formula requires entering data in a row or column format.

The DVAR formula can be commonly mistyped as DDAVAR, due to the similarity of the two formulas.

Using the DVAR formula for calculations other than average values, such as median or mode, is a common way it is used inappropriately. 

Common pitfalls when using the DVAR formula include forgetting to enter the data in row or column format, or forgetting to add a blank row or column between sets of data.

Common mistakes when using the DVAR formula include incorrectly entering the formula in cells, or forgetting to include required arguments.

Common misconceptions people might have with the DVAR formula include thinking it is the same as the DDAVAR formula, and that it cannot be used to calculate average values.

How To Actually Use DVAR() in Sheets

DVAR(database, field, criteria)

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