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How To Use DSUM() Function in Google Sheets


Returns the sum of values selected from a database table-like array or range using a SQL-like query.

Common Questions about the DSUM Formula

- What does the DSUM formula do?
- What are the different components of the DSUM formula?
- What are the different arguments of the DSUM formula?
- What other functions can DSUM be used in conjunction with?

How can the DSUM Formula be Used Appropriately?

- To sum up data over certain criteria or conditions
- To total up data in certain columns or rows
- To quickly calculate the sum of matched criteria in a large dataset
- To compare data in multiple sheets and pull summation from cells across multiple sheets

How can the DSUM Formula be Commonly Mistyped?

- Misplacing or omitting the parentheses
- Putting the wrong signs in the wrong places (or the wrong number of signs)
- Placing the wrong criteria in the WHERE clause of the function
- Using an incorrect column identifier/specification

What are some Common Ways the DSUM Formula is Used Inappropriately?

- Using the DSUM formula for data sorting
- Using the DSUM formula with blank or invalid arguments
- Trying to use the function with an incorrect or non-existent range
- Trying to use the DSUM formula with an incomplete criteria

What are some Common Pitfalls When Using the DSUM Formula?

- Not specifying the exact range on which the DSUM formula should be applied
- Not being aware of any blank cells or invalid data that the DSUM formula could return
- Not understanding the criteria correctly when using the function
- Being aware of any sorting operations that need to be performed on the data before using the DSUM formula

What are Common Mistakes When Using the DSUM Formula?

- Using the wrong syntax when nesting functions together
- Not understanding the benefit of using the DSUM formula over other SUM functions
- Not being aware of the connection between the SUM function and the DSUM formula
- Not accounting for any data filtering or data restructuring when using the DSUM formula

What are Common Misconceptions People Might Have with the DSUM Formula?

- Thinking the DSUM formula can read the data from multiple columns
- Thinking the DSUM formula is only applicable to numbers, when in fact it can be used to sum data from text as well
- Thinking the DSUM formula can only be used to sum data from a single sheet, when in fact it can be used across multiple sheets
- Thinking the DSUM formula can be used to calculate average values, when it is only designed for summation

How To Actually Use DSUM() in Sheets

DSUM(database, field, criteria)

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