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How To Use DSTDEVP() Function in Google Sheets


Returns the standard deviation of an entire population selected from a database table-like array or range using a SQL-like query.

Common Questions about the DSTDEVP Formula

1. What is DSTDEVP and what does it do?
2. How do I calculate time-weighted average returns using DSTDEVP?
3. What parameters does DSTDEVP accept?

Using the DSTDEVP Formula Appropriately

1. Set the time period for which you’d like to calculate the average returns
2. Ensure the security data you're using is complete and accurate
3. Understand how the values returned by DSTDEVP are determined

Common Mistypes when Using the DSTDEVP Formula
1. Typing “DSTDEV” instead of “DSTDEVP”
2. Not filling in all of the necessary parameters, such as duration, security data, and the date fields

Common Ways the DSTDEVP Formula is Used Inappropriately
1. Using the formula on data with gaps in the security data
2. Using a time period or date range that is too short or too long
3. Not specifying the correct parameters when using the formula

Common Pitfalls When Using the DSTDEVP Formula
1. Not understanding the inputs are more important than the outputs
2. Not specifying the correct time period when using the formula
3. Not accounting for different security data over various points in time

Common Mistakes when Using the DSTDEVP Formula
1. Not double-checking that all of the parameters have been specified correctly
2. Using a wrong time period or date range when using the formula
3. Not understanding the underlying calculation of the formula

Common Misconceptions People Might Have with the DSTDEVP Formula
1. Mistaking the DSTDEVP formula to be a measure of risk in a portfolio
2. Assuming that the DSTDEVP formula is always applicable for any type of security
3. Assuming that DSTDEVP will automatically exclude any data points that are short of a predetermined threshold.

How To Actually Use DSTDEVP() in Sheets

DSTDEVP(database, field, criteria)

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