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How To Use DMAX() Function in Google Sheets


Returns the maximum value selected from a database table-like array or range using a SQL-like query.

Common questions about the DMAX Formula include:

- What is the syntax of the DMAX function? 
- What kind of data can the DMAX formula be used on?
- What do the parameters of the DMAX function mean? 

The DMAX formula can be used appropriately by understanding the syntax of the function, the type of data and the use of parameters that the function requires for calculation. The parameters typically include the criteria range, the criteria, the column range and the datatype argument. The DMAX Formula should be entered as “=DMAX(”

The DMAX formula can be commonly mistyped in various ways including errors in the syntax, forgetting to use the final closing parenthesis, entering the wrong criteria or data type argument, etc.

Some common ways the DMAX formula is used inappropriately include using the formula to calculate data from multiple columns, using the wrong type of criteria and/or data for the parameters, and entering the wrong ranges.

Some common pitfalls when using the DMAX formula include forgetting to include relevant data in the criteria and/or the column range used as parameters, forgetting to enter the datatype argument, using incorrect syntax, and entering the wrong criteria or data for parameters.

Common mistakes when using the DMAX formula include incorrectly typing the criteria or data type argument, not entering the datatype argument, and using the wrong criteria and/or column range.

Common misconceptions people might have with the DMAX formula include not understanding the syntax of the function or not understanding how the parameters must be used. They may also be confused about what type of data can be used with the DMAX function and the types of criteria that the formula requires.

How To Actually Use DMAX() in Sheets

DMAX(database, field, criteria)

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Google Sheets DMAX Function | How to Use DMAX | Get Maximum Value from a Database Field

The Google Sheets DMAX function assists you to get the maximum value from the specified field of a database, based on one or more criterion. The D in the DMAX stands for database.

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