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How To Use DDB() Function in Google Sheets


Calculates the depreciation of an asset for a specified period using the double-declining balance method.

Common Questions About the DDB Formula:
- What is the DDB formula?
- How do I enter the DDB formula in Google Sheets?
- How do I read the results returned by the DDB formula?

How Can the DDB Formula Be Used Appropriately?
- To calculate the reasonable cost of acquiring assets with different expected lifetimes
- To evaluate assets for depreciation
- To input expected cash flows over a given period of time

How Can the DDB Formula be Commonly Mistyped?
- DDB vs. DB 
- Using a period instead of a comma to separate variables 
- Leaving out necessary variables

What are some Common Ways the DDB Formula is Used Inappropriately?
- Assuming a linear rate of depreciation instead of an exponential rate
- Assuming that the salvage value of an asset is fixed over time instead of changing with the market value
- Not entering the necessary variables or entering incorrect variables

What are some Common Pitfalls when Using the DDB Formula?
- Not accurately inputting the inflation rate
- Forgetting to update the initial cost of the asset with market value
- Not considering any salvage value of an asset

What are Common Mistakes when Using the DDB Formula?
- Not inputting the appropriate salvage value as expected 
- Forgetting to include the factors of inflation and tax considerations
- Neglecting to take into account any changes in the market value of the asset

What are Common Misconceptions People Might Have With the DDB Formula?
- Thinking that the salvage value of an asset is static over time 
- Believing that the DDB formula is a linear function instead of an exponential one 
-Assuming that the DDB formula can always be used to calculate the depreciation of assets, without considering other factors such as tax implications and inflation."

How To Actually Use DDB() in Sheets

DDB(cost, salvage, life, period, [factor])

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Use Google Sheets to calculate straight-line or accelerated depreciation using the four depreciation functions. SLN - Straight Line, SYD - Sum of the Year's Digits, DB - Declining Balance, and DDB - Double Declining Balance.

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