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How To Use CUMPRINC() Function in Google Sheets


Calculates the cumulative principal paid over a range of payment periods for an investment based on constant-amount periodic payments and a constant interest rate.

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-What does CUMPRINC stand for?
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-How do I calculate cumulative principal in Google Sheets?

The CUMPRINC formula can be used to calculate the cumulative principal in a loan. It takes in the loan amount, the interest rate, and the number of payments. It is typically used to calculate the current principal balance of a loan.

The CUMPRINC formula is commonly mistyped as CUMPRINCE. Also CUMPRNC, CUMRINC, CUMPNC.

The CUMPRINC formula is often used inappropriately when the current balance of a loan is being calculated instead of the cumulative principal. It is also often misused when attempting to calculate total interest paid over the life of a loan, when the use of the CUMIPMT formula would be more appropriate.

Common pitfalls when using the CUMPRINC formula include using the wrong number of payments, entering the wrong interest rate, or forgetting to include the curly brackets when typing out the formula.

Common mistakes when using the CUMPRINC Formula include entering a payment amount instead of a loan amount, entering the wrong number of monthly payments, and entering a number for the amount instead of a formula.

Common misconceptions people might have with the CUMPRINC Formula include thinking that it can be used to calculate the total interest paid over the life of a loan, when the CUMIPMT formula would be more appropriate. They may also mistakenly believe that it can calculate the current principal balance of a loan in one step, when several other steps are required.

How To Actually Use CUMPRINC() in Sheets

CUMPRINC(rate, number_of_periods, present_value, first_period, last_period, end_or_beginning)

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