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How To Use COMBINA() Function in Google Sheets


Returns the number of ways to choose some number of objects from a pool of a given size of objects, including ways that choose the same object multiple times.

Common questions about the COMBINA formula include:
- What is the syntax for the COMBINA formula?
- What types of data can the COMBINA formula be used on?
- How can I modify the formula to fit my needs?

The COMBINA formula can be used to combine multiple values in Google Sheets into a single cell. It is important to make sure that data is properly formatted to work with the formula.

The COMBINA formula can be commonly mistyped as "COMBINEA" or with incorrect use of brackets, parentheses or commas. Other mistypes are COMBINE, COMBIN, COMBINS, COMBNA, COMNA.

The COMBINA formula is commonly used inappropriately when the data types are not compatible, when the input range is incorrect or too large, or when the arguments do not match the expected data type.

Common pitfalls when using the COMBINA formula include incorrect typing of the formula, incorrect data type matching, incorrect input range, and incorrect argument matching.

Common mistakes when using the COMBINA Formula include improper handling of data such as omitting commas or not properly formatting data, incorrect use of arguments, and failing to modify the formula to accommodate large data sets.

Common misconceptions people might have with the COMBINA Formula include thinking that it can be used to sum values or merge multiple cells into a single cell. The COMBINA Formula can only combine cells into a single output cell, it cannot sum them or merge them.

How To Actually Use COMBINA() in Sheets


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