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How To Use AMORLINC() Function in Google Sheets


Returns the depreciation for an accounting period, or the prorated depreciation if the asset was purchased in the middle of a period.

Common questions about the AMORLINC formula include: What is the AMORLINC formula? What is the purpose of the AMORLINC formula? How do I use the AMORLINC formula?

The AMORLINC formula can be used appropriately by inputting the correct values into the applicable cells. These cells must be correctly labeled and formatted, and all calculations should be properly assessed for accuracy prior to submission.

The AMORLINC formula may be commonly mistyped as AMOR, AMRLINK, AMRLINC, AMORLINK, AMOURLINC. 
Or by omitting the required spaces or symbols between the criteria name and the following value.

Common ways the AMORLINC formula is used inappropriately is by entering incorrect values into the applicable cells or using a formula to which only certain criteria are applicable.

Common pitfalls when using the AMORLINC formula include not properly referencing other cells or sheets when necessary or incorrectly entering names, dates, or enumerations.

Common mistakes when using the AMORLINC formula include not properly checking the formula for accuracy or placing incorrect inputs into the formula.

Common misconceptions people might have with the AMORLINC formula include not taking the time to understand the formula and its proper use, thinking that the formula is self-explanatory, and believing the formula is only applicable in certain situations.

How To Actually Use AMORLINC() in Sheets

AMORLINC(cost, purchase_date, first_period_end, salvage, period, rate, [basis])

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