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How To Use RANDBETWEEN() Function in Google Sheets


Returns a uniformly random integer between two values, inclusive.

Common questions about the RANDBETWEEN formula in Google Sheets include:
What does the RANDBETWEEN formula do?
What is the syntax of the RANDBETWEEN formula?
What are the arguments required by the RANDBETWEEN formula?
How can I generate random numbers within a specific range using RANDBETWEEN?
Can I use RANDBETWEEN to generate decimal or non-integer numbers?

The RANDBETWEEN formula can be used appropriately in various scenarios, including:
Generating random numbers for simulations or modeling.
Creating randomized test data.
Randomly selecting items from a list or assigning random values to a set of options.
Conducting games or competitions that require random outcomes.

The RANDBETWEEN formula can be commonly mistyped in a few ways, such as:
Misspelling the formula name as RANDABETWEEN or RANDOMBETWEEN.
Incorrectly using uppercase letters in the formula (e.g., RandBetween).
Omitting the required arguments or using them in the wrong order.

Some common ways the RANDBETWEEN formula is used inappropriately include:
Using RANDBETWEEN as a source of security or encryption, which is not reliable as it's a pseudo-random number generator.
Relying on RANDBETWEEN for important business decisions or critical calculations, as the generated numbers are not truly random and can change upon recalculation.
Using RANDBETWEEN excessively in large datasets or complex formulas, which can cause performance issues.

Common pitfalls when using the RANDBETWEEN formula are:
Forgetting to lock the cell reference if the formula needs to be copied to other cells.
Assuming that the generated numbers will remain static unless manually refreshed or recalculated.
Overlooking the fact that RANDBETWEEN will recalculate whenever any change occurs in the sheet, potentially affecting other formulas or calculations.

Common mistakes when using the RANDBETWEEN formula include:
Not specifying the correct range for the arguments, resulting in incorrect or unexpected random numbers.
Using non-integer values for the range arguments, which will lead to an error or undesired outcomes.
Neglecting to use the INT function if integer values are required, as RANDBETWEEN alone can generate decimal numbers.

Common Misconception about RANDBETWEEN
A common misconception people might have with the RANDBETWEEN formula is Believing that the generated numbers are truly random. In reality, RANDBETWEEN relies on a pseudo-random number generator and the sequence of numbers can be predictable if the same seed value is used or if the sheet is recalculated.

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How To Actually Use RANDBETWEEN() in Sheets

RANDBETWEEN(low, high)

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