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the answer is if you have a column of true or false you can use the count if statement argument formula. That's just count if, and then you say your range, and then comma, true. Or false, whichever one you want and you'll get a count.
Find the first value in a row.
Create relational databases with index/match
She has a cell, this D one, in which it says, for instance, another array or a row or column in this case, a column, a on sheet one where we're on and she's referencing that from another cell.
Create easy to use math iterators with the ROW() formula. It tells you the row your cell is on, but why do you need that? you can iterate math equations! It's neat!
The video tutorial is about tagging and creating comma-separated lists of tags for a list of titles. The tutorial demonstrates how to use data validation to create a drop-down menu of tags for each title and how to keep track of the number of videos or items in each tag category. The tutorial also shows how to create a comma-separated list of tags for each title using the JOIN function.
Use arrayformula to deal with Google form entries on a sheet. Even as they keep getting added.


Find out how to automatically delete rows based on a cell's value. We do this in Apps Script
Useful for calculation or filters by dates.
find out how to show the total number of data rows available in a sheet.
A member, Alejandro, asks about taking their custom calendar inputs and figuring out study totals for a week. They created a beautiful input and just need to the calculations. I show how to use the data to do the calculations. If you've never used the FLATTEN() formula, this is a good example! And we use double UNIQUE().
Got a list of names, need to add new ones to main list.
In Excel you actually have these options of sorting by year, by month, by date. But let's do it in Google Sheets.
One common feature that users often request is the ability to add star ratings to their spreadsheets. While this feature is not built into Google Sheets, it is possible to create a star rating system using emojis and data validation.


So in this video we're going to compare two tabs and differences. Basically, someone asked actually on AppSumo, someone asked how do I compare two sheets to know what the differences are? This is the answer.
Create a schedule inside of Google Sheets.


Member Richard asks this question. Answer: use Google Script and a Trigger.
How can I use this function, lower, upper, or proper as a conditional formatting? And then the other question is, how can I use this to apply on a bunch of cells without having to double the cells?