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Data Management

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You got messy data. It's keeping you up late at night trying to manage it. You copy. You paste, and repeating too many tasks. These videos help you manage that data without having to use automation. 


Search and find duplicates that are spelled differently.
There are surprisingly few times you want to have blank cells, or even create blank cells. In this video I'll show you the good reasons you want blank cells.
How to turn many columns into one column.
Create a link to your sheet that immediately download the sheet as a CSV file. Great for sending exports as a link.
One weird way to learn more about what Google Sheets can do. https://bettersheets.co/formulas


Organize leads, life tasks, chores, assignments, anything into a kanban or trello board.
Extract the time from a Google Sheets timestamp.
Organize tabs appropriately to decrease the friction that other users will have when reading or using your spreadsheets.
Built a useful tool to filter Google Sheet formulas based on keywords.


Google Sheets has a new way to do dropdowns. Is it naughty or nice?


A great way to manage your data if you have a small group of people who want to add data, but you want control over that data in the sheet. Give them the ability to comment on your data.
We're going to like take some data, twist it and turn it into a different type of like look and feel. And then we're going to do the same thing in reverse.
Get this epic script that automatically edits two tabs and keeps them in sync.
Use the IF() formula to hide completed bars and display messages instead of bars depending on the situation.
Find out how you can make your spreadsheets like a Bullet Journal. It's like a super powered Bullet Journal.
Hide data with these simple tricks. Just using the IF() formula.


This feature is really handy for designers who want to create notes around designs and mockups to showcase to clients. As a photographer, I can also use this to create a searchable sheet with keywords for my photos. You can even use screenshots instead of Unsplash photos like I'm using here. Basically, all you have to do is insert the images into cells and use V lookup to search for them using the ID numbers. You can use this to mock up a newsletter, test out different thumbnails as a YouTuber, or create a landing page or workflow for your business. It's really easy to change the photos by just changing the ID number.


The video tutorial is about tagging and creating comma-separated lists of tags for a list of titles. The tutorial demonstrates how to use data validation to create a drop-down menu of tags for each title and how to keep track of the number of videos or items in each tag category. The tutorial also shows how to create a comma-separated list of tags for each title using the JOIN function.
Discover how to Save Your Sheets Every Week Automatically
We want to know, based on today's date, what is the start of the month and what's the date at the end of the month.
Got a list of names, need to add new ones to main list.
generate random numbers using Google Sheets. Fun ways to figure out how to get random characters. Great to use for creating IDs or Coupon Codes. Nice easy intro to some simple apps script.
Figure out how many days between two days, or how many days until a certain date. Or figure out how many days has it been since an event. Great for automatic email notifications of due dates, deadlines, etc.
One more function beyond Concatenate and Join that is useful in so many different ways. Concat can be used to quickly create unique columns of data. But watch out for dates!
When you can't get the url of a hyperlinked cell, do this instead.


Demystifying the SumIF Formula. Add up your values based on a condition, even if that condition is a date.
Count different types of blank cells. Cells with nothing in them.
Create a schedule inside of Google Sheets.


We have a list of names and maybe we have sort of a lead categories. Maybe we're doing sort of reach out and we want to actually maybe combine like key words.
Create an epic organization sheet of all your spreadsheets.
Add the image of a youtube thumbnail with only a YouTube url into your Google Sheets. Great use case for Substitute() or Split() functions. Nice way to add a little visual flair to your sheets.
Learn how to use a free Google API to create QR codes in sheet to any URL. And we'll learn how to make them magically appear as you enter domains.
We're going to take a basic function of Google sheets, which is the checkbox, and we are going to take it to its nth degree.


Learn how to manage any event with RSVPs and multiple organizers. Use Google Forms pre-filled links, and interesting formulas to manage the catering automatically. And we write Apps Script to send email to non-rsvp'ed guests.


So in this video we're going to compare two tabs and differences. Basically, someone asked actually on AppSumo, someone asked how do I compare two sheets to know what the differences are? This is the answer.
We're going to create some magic here. Some if magic, sprinkle a little magic on your sheets, you can use these formulas in existing sheets.
Autofill inside of google sheets is possible with Dropdowns.
Here are 5 advanced ways to manage projects inside of Google Sheets Manage Task Flow with IF() and a Checkbox Manage Data Inputs with IF() and ISBLANK() Create Quick Dashboard headers with: Transpose / Unique Create Pickers with Index / Match Email reports with Apps Script
This will allows you to analyze and organize your data.


How to insert a quote generator or a quote randomizer inside your sheet. Without using Apps Script.
Creating a video list. We're going to have check boxes that you can mark them as seen.
Check out how to use flatten()
Use neon blue to show where someone needs to enter data.


Free tutorial for finding Minimum and Maximum data points.


Fid out how to get the frequency of ProductIds, or Names, or Emails. or how many times they appear in a sheet/column/row.


Today we're gonna talk about headers. I'm gonna give you three really cool ways to use your headers.
Create a sales pipeline quickly in Google Sheets.
Create a quick search dropdown to find keywords in any column.
tactics on how to keep your sheets secure.