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Master Google Sheets by building tools you'll use again and again.


How to change your locale and figure out what changing locales means for your sheets.


Create a simple facebook ad mockup with image and primary text in a google sheet. Get character count too!


Find out which words in your sheet are the most common. Highest count of each individual word.
Get a random winner from a list of names. Also great to randomize tasks to do.
Set up a list of video links, and a checklist for others to use.
Create the Apps Script to create a new sheet from some data inside your sheet. Script included in the sheet below.
Google Sheets uses a scripting language called Google Apps Script, which is based on JavaScript. If you know how to code in JavaScript, you'll find Google Apps Script very familiar. To get started, open a new Google Sheet and go to the "Extensions" menu, then click "Apps Script".


Stick around after the 1st portion of the video for bonus content.
Having trouble with ppl filling in cells before other cells?
Go from nothing to a working PR agency. Capture sites, and Send email via script
Create a Log sheet in Google Sheets
Generate Coupon codes in Google Sheets 5 different ways.
Send daily emails to yourself to master sales every single day. 100% completely free for Better Sheet members.
Rewrite YouTube Titles with GPT-3 API. Writes shorter, more persuasive titles I can use to increase views on YouTube. Code is included in Apps Script of sheet.
Created a daily email with a motivational quote in the subject.
Create a start time and end time and duration of that, with a little bit of Apps Script.
A pretty cool script I came up with to click and set active the next tab. No matter how many tabs/sheets you have. Makes a book-like page turning action. At the end of the video I say you have to wait, but now you can get the sheet and the script only. Spreadsheet Alchemy is still a work in progress.
Learn how to redirect a domain to a google sheet. Set up subdomains and MVPs of sites easily.


Followup to the Bookmarklet video. To help you find the entry number for each form field.
I built a twitter clone in Google Sheets


We fix the problem of OpenAI's API not remembering our last questions. And we label the text as Human and AI. I also add an archive Chat and new Chat function to create a new chat fresh.
Create a hook writing sheet with SUBSTITUTE(). Create an engine to write tweet upon tweet upon tweet. Bundle up 100 hooks/formats and sell it. Go ahead, make sweet tweets in a sweet sheet.
One of the most requested videos, Ever. How to put data, a number, some text, from a Google Sheets onto a website without having to embed the entire Google Sheet. This is the way!
Curate a newsletter. Collect YouTube videos. Research competitors. All with this one line of javascript. Build your own web clipper. Use the Bookmarklet to clip web content to your Google Sheet. Clip text and links directly from the web to your Google Sheet with just a few clicks.
AtomicSheets.com for 10 Free Elements Members get it free at: https://bettersheets.co/products


Use the power of OpenAI's GPT-3 inside of Google Sheets. In this quick start tutorial I show you how to take OpenAI's curl commands and change them into Apps Script to use GPT-3 inside of sheets. We write a tweet, we ask questions. And now you can use this power for greater good!
Creating a ChatGPT-like interface to interact with the OpenAI GPT-3 API. We style a sheet like ChatGPT, and we add Apps Script functions to add new rows to record the questions we send, and answers we get from OpenAI API.
This feature is really handy for designers who want to create notes around designs and mockups to showcase to clients. As a photographer, I can also use this to create a searchable sheet with keywords for my photos. You can even use screenshots instead of Unsplash photos like I'm using here. Basically, all you have to do is insert the images into cells and use V lookup to search for them using the ID numbers. You can use this to mock up a newsletter, test out different thumbnails as a YouTuber, or create a landing page or workflow for your business. It's really easy to change the photos by just changing the ID number.


You can easily add your own links and improve your bio for free.


Add one more feature to the 100 Twitter Templates tool.
Make a marketplace where sellers and buyers do not have to have edit access to a sheet.


Create a click Edit: Google changed how the redirect is handled. It no longer automatically goes forward, so you will need to add a link for a user to click on again to go to the forwarded link.


Create a pastel colored hunting game, just in time for Easter.


Combining GoogleTranslate() and DetectLanguage() to figure out what a language is without having to know the two letter codes. And adding a dropdown range to make it easier to find the language you want to translate to. What a great way to solve the frustrating world of International language!
Use Transpose() to create a web-based, Kanban style, list-making application inside your Google Sheet! Learn how to display tasks and to-do’s in vertical categories.
Add pictures to your marketplace inside a google sheet. Might be great for garage sales, and community events.
Learn how to use a free Google API to create QR codes in sheet to any URL. And we'll learn how to make them magically appear as you enter domains.
Learn to create lead magnet or sellable worksheets for your business. Included are more topic ideas so you can take this template and run with it.


Create business names quickly with this Google Sheets trick.
From scratch we're going to build a calculator, with some functions and some custom functions in apps script. We'll also design the sheet like a funky dashboard.
A few tips: Delete extra columns and rows to improve readability, change the colors and fonts to incorporate branding, and adjust the sheet to promote the Better Band Bureau podcast more.


4 formulas that make your sheets feel automated. Start with user-started actions, and get automated data flowing in other parts of your sheet.


Learn how to manage any event with RSVPs and multiple organizers. Use Google Forms pre-filled links, and interesting formulas to manage the catering automatically. And we write Apps Script to send email to non-rsvp'ed guests.


Create a way to grade the quality of a domain based on many different votes and inputs and qualities. Like measuring the length and ranking the results.
Create a year progress bar to see how much of the year is gone. Great motivational chart to watch count up to 100%.
We are selling a Google sheet here. We're selling information, we're selling curation, we're selling the time and the effort and the energy and the focus around, uh, this kind of information that of course information is free online. But we'll make it better.
Create a photo search site inside with Google Sheets. Using this template you can empower users to: Enter a search term and get an image without leaving the sheet! And learn how to monetize this Google Sheet.
this is gonna be fun because we get to create a calculator with Apps Script.
Exclusive video only for Better Sheets members. This is, uh, troubleshooting your click tracking web app or slash sheet.
We code a little apps script to figure out the difference between two cells.


Let's code a Radio button that turns off all checkboxes except the one clicked.
Go inside this apps script and sheet. See how it's designed and created.
How can I use this function, lower, upper, or proper as a conditional formatting? And then the other question is, how can I use this to apply on a bunch of cells without having to double the cells?