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Better Sheets Updates

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New features. New tools. New Templates. New things to play around with. Announcements about plans and upgrades to Https://BetterSheets.co


Find out all that Better Sheets has to offer you. Learn where to learn. Find out the features available to lifetime members at BetterSheets.co


Now you can choose your avatar here on Better Sheets. Enjoy choosing between every available animal from Alligator to Wombat. You can choose Nyancat or Kraken too!
Add one more feature to the 100 Twitter Templates tool.
Created a simple tweet starter sheet. Tweet directly from this Google Sheet. Free for Members.
A new free Google Sheets Add-On to make drop shadow buttons inside your sheets. Free for everyone. Announced to members first.
You can easily add your own links and improve your bio for free.


GPT3 Powered Answers to your spreadsheet questions. Ask sheets anything, literally any question about Google Sheets! This might put me out of a job as a Google Sheets Expert.


Install Sheet Styles now: https://sheet-styles.bettersheets.co/
Learn how to automate spreadsheets with Apps Script. The pre-course videos equip you with the fundamentals of coding before you start.
AtomicSheets.com for 10 Free Elements Members get it free at: https://bettersheets.co/products


Send daily emails to yourself to master sales every single day. 100% completely free for Better Sheet members.
Quick introduction to the Better Sheets platform.


Creating a video list. We're going to have check boxes that you can mark them as seen.